March 14, 2011

2 Year Blogiversary

It's hard to believe I set this blog up 2 years ago!  I had great expectations for it then, but as sometimes happens, my day-to-day life took me away from genealogy for a while.

For this next year, my goals and renewed spirit are pushing me forward and I've committed to blogging more.  And I have to say, I'm excited about the prospect!  In the last week, I've already listened to some archived webinars, signed up to attend more, picked up two followers, and added numerous blogs to Google Reader!  The genealogy community is such an amazing and addictive one.  It's always a treat to interact with others out there who may or may not have shared ancestral lines, but who always have a shared interest!

Has anyone else gotten away from their family tree for a bit, but is now taking up the challenge again?  Any tips or pointers?

It's with much excitement that I look forward to breaking down some genealogical brick walls in 2011; and reconnecting with a great community along the way!

© 2011, copyright Chris Odom


Thomas MacEntee said...

Happy blogiversary Chris! Here's to many more years of great genealogy blogging!

Chris Odom said...

Thank you so much Thomas! Have a great day in the Windy City!

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