March 29, 2011

FamilySearch Indexing

Based on a lot of the blogs I read, I checked into the FamilySearch Indexing site because I really wanted to start giving back to the genealogical community.  I just have to say that I LOVE doing this volunteer's so much fun and is rewarding too!  I've only done about 3 sessions and I'm already up to 152 points!

Have any of you volunteered your time to transcribe the records for FamilySearch?  Have you enjoyed it as much as me?  Would you recommend it to others?

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Julene said...

I have been doing indexing for over three years. It is as fun as playing a hidden object game. I also am involved with and post on the Forum, Facebook, there are some projects on a wiki site and also there is a Skype group where we will work together and help each other and new indexers out. I would sure love to see you blog and share your development and learning of indexing. I know that as we work in teamwork, we discover how to tell the differing letters apart, such as u and n, w and m, r and e, and the unique ones are upper case L and S looking exactly alike. But by seeing it through another person's eyes, then our eyes will develop better. And there are three rules of thumb, read the Project Instructions, the Project Updates and Field Helps. This is a great project to work on, and can be very interesting and exciting.

Chris Odom said...

Julene, what a great idea! You are so right that this is a great way to work in a collaborative fashion. I've already discovered difficulty sometimes figuring if it's an o or an a!

Thanks for your thoughts on this; I will take them to heart. Look for more posts.

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